CoBuilting Service #4

Project Management & Installation

CoBuilt’s project managers have decades of experience solving problems for supply chain and logistics companies around the world. When you partner with CoBuilt for your structural steel needs, you experience shorter schedules, greater continuity and fewer headaches. By combining innovative engineering and fabrication with expert problem-solving, our team is able to streamline your structural projects. Our project managers take the time to understand your unique needs, ensuring that your final solution exceeds your initial expectations.

CoBuilt’s project management and installation services are beneficial at every stage:

  • During Planning
    • Gain a single point of contact with honed perspectives.
    • Improve scheduling and accelerate your turnaround.
    • Eliminate the pain of complex coordination.\
    • Address several layers of a project’s risk areas at once.
  • Project Implementation
    • Leverage trusted relationships with forward-leaning partners.
    • Source fabricated parts as close to the project site as possible.
    • Experience lower freight costs and delivery times.
  • Project Completion
    • Get your project across the finish line more quickly.
    • Reduce downtime for maintenance upkeep and repairs.
    • Decrease future plan time for renovations.

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