From the time a client engages CoBuilt to design, engineer, detail, and fabricate a structure, we understand that original plans don’t always come to fruition – client and owner needs change. This is precisely why CoBuilt strives to be a partner rather than a player. By utilizing the full scope of Cobuilt’s services, clients are able to take full advantage of the design and consulting services that allow us to produce a finished product at the speed we advertise.

Preliminary designs are produced with the best of intentions, but we are well aware they’re going to change. As a design partner, CoBuilt steps into the trenches with your designers producing 3d models, running clash detection, and reworking load tables. We’re in it with you from the first charge.

As confidence grows in member and point load locations, CoBuilt provides an auto-connected model and talks through any concerns or tricky areas with you. Did you just realize we have a column in the middle of a restroom? Not a problem. We’ll make the adjustments in real time with you to ensure that these obstacles are cleared prior to moving to the final phase of engineering.

Upon submission of the final, connected, engineered model CoBuilt hosts a virtual meeting with your team and ours. During which all clearances are confirmed, steel layout is overlaid with your final design to ensure incorporation of equipment layout, and all loads, connections, and material types are provided in a signed and sealed calculation package.

As soon as all parties agree, fabrication commences through our state of the art production facility. Within a matter of days the first load is fabricated, painted, and ready to roll.

The structure presented in this study has a footprint of 15,000sf with a final steel weight of 120 tons. The total number of days this project was worked on between CoBuilt and the Client totaled 16 days of collaboration and coordination followed by five work days to complete the first load of the structure with complete delivery five days subsequent. These results are typical for clients utilizing the full scope of services offered by CoBuilt.

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